Redi-Rock’s Positive Connection (PC) System uses geogrid reinforcement in a completely different way – strips wrap completely through the block, eliminating the chance of a connection failure. That’s because there’s a consistent connection strength throughout the height of the wall.

The PC System:

  • Addresses the long-term connection requirements in the AASHTO LRFD specifications
  • Provides superior seismic performance over other geosynthetic reinforced wall systems
  • Utilizes a corrosion-free reinforcement system without special connection components
  • Increases wall height with efficient use of geogrid soil reinforcement
  • Incorporates a massive, ¾ ton, precast concrete block facing unit
  • Offers the incomparable durability of “wet cast”, air-entrained concrete
  • Simplifies the wall construction sequence resulting in faster installation
  • Improves the overall project aesthetic with a variety of standard face texture and color options
  • Delivers an attractive, cost-effective, high-performance retaining wall structure